Orange paradise - Ribera and Sciacca

Nov 30, 2015

To arrive from Ribera to Sciacca I walked for another 20 kilometres. While walking I saw many orange trees. Ribera is also called the city of oranges, and you definitely can notice that every single house, garden and field is full of oranges.

My first days - Agrigento and Scala dei Turchi

Nov 26, 2015

My first days have been very hard. I've walked 55 kilometres until now. My feet are full of blisters and my back and shoulders are hurting. But it's just the beginning and time will heal everything, LOL.

More details about my project

Nov 18, 2015

I will travel around Sicily on foot and film every second of it! My big trip starts from Agrigento. I'll start moving towards Palermo from the West coast and in the first 15 days I will be walking around 337 kilometres.

Mount Pellegrino

Nov 16, 2015

Before starting my big trip around Sicily, I had a one day trip up to Mount Pellegrino in Palermo. I went up from the Arenella part and came down from Mondello, in total I walked 20 kilometres.

Welcome to Sicilian Vibes!

Nov 15, 2015

Dear readers, I'm very glad to introduce you my new project, called Sicilian Vibes. Sicilian Vibes is a traveling project. I will be traveling around in Sicily (the biggest island of Italy and the Meditteranean Sea), and the main fact is that I will go around only on foot.