About Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes

Hi, my name is Chiara Magi, I live in Sicily, but I was born and grew up in Estonia. I'm a video maker and I'm always trying to work harder on my music (so hopefully I'm a future singer and producer). I love taking photos and making graphics, some of my works are also up on Shutterstock.

Very often I'm also traveling, that's my biggest passion. So far my favourite places where I've traveled to have been Gran Canaria as a vacation spot and Jordan for it's culture and food.

On this site I write posts about traveling and Sicilian Vibes.

Sicilian Vibes is my traveling project: I will be traveling around in Sicily (the biggest island of Italy and the Meditteranean Sea), only on foot. Of course I will film everything and you can follow me through my videos. Discover this beautiful island together with me!
For all the details click here to check out my post about the project.