As we had fantastic time in London, it's time to talk about my favorite places over there.

We were in London in January, which means it was the coldest period of the year, but it was still extremely nice.

We had just two days to spend in London, I think we saw A LOT, but there were still so many things to see. As the city is huge, it's hard to get bored and so much is going on all the time.

Even if we were walking almost all the time, I'm going to list you all the closest underground stations, because that's the easiest and fastest way to go around in London. If you want to, you can follow the same route as we did, watch our video to see everything in live.

We started our visit from the Oxford Circus (Underground: Oxford Circus). From there we gave a fast look to the Oxford Street, which is the main shopping street of London. From there, taking the Regent Street, we went to Leichester Square (Underground: Leichester Square), which is in the heart of Soho, an area full on theatres and cinemas. It's famous for the film premiere's. You can visit also the China Town, which is just next to the Leichester Square. After China Town we continued going towards Trafalgar Square (Underground: Charing Cross). It's a beautiful square with fountains and big lion statues, it's name commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar and from the square you can enter to the National Gallery museum, which has one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world. N.B. All the museums in London are for free!

From the Trafalgar Square, if you go just straight forward from the The Mall street and you will arrive to the Buckingham Palace (Underground: St. James's Park) , the London residence of the UK's royal family. Next to the Buckingham Palace there's the St. James's Park with lots of different birds, lakes and green areas. Passing by the park, you'll arrive to the Elizabeth Tower, which is the official name for Big Ben (Underground: Westminster). Just behind Big Ben you will find the Westminster Abbey, which is a beautiful mainly Gothic abbey church.

Crossing the Westminster bridge, in front of the Big Ben, we went to the left, from where starts the Southbank area. On the opposite side of the Big Ben there's also London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel, which is quite a touristy thing. Years ago I went there, but I think it's not worth it for its high price. (You can have so many other high points from where you can admire the whole city even better and with a good price or for free).

We continued walking by the River Thames, always straight forward from the London Eye, to go to the Tate Modern (Underground: Black Friars), a modern art gallery (about a 25 minute walk). I wasn't too impressed about this museum but my boyfriend Yaren enjoys modern art. But but, even if we didn't know anything about the last floor terrace, in the last minute (or to be honest, even too late) we noticed they had written 'viewing level' in the list of the lift's floors. They close the viewing level 30 minutes before closing the whole building. The view from there is amazing! Look at the last picture! You can have a 360 degree view from up there. Go there!

After Tate Modern, we continued walking always close to the river, until we arrived to the Tower Bridge (Underground: Tower Hill). It was already dark, but I think the bridge stands out even better in the dark.

The day after we went to Camden Town (Underground: Camden Town), it's a big shops and market area with alternative style. It's situated about 4 km (2.5 miles) from the centre of London. There are different music venues, many places where you can eat and I enjoyed a lot the atmosphere over there. Watch the video to see images about Camden Town.

And that's all we did and saw in our short visit in London. You can do the whole route even in one day if you're not spending too much time in the museums or in the Camden Town, but it'll be a very busy day. Otherwise take your time, enjoy all the interntional food you can find in London, visit all the museums, for an example I recommend after the National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum (Underground: South Kensington), Bristish Museum (Undergrund: Holborn), or if you like art and branding as me, go to the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising (Underground: Ladbroke Grove).

London is definitely a city to visit! So, when will you go there?

Chiara Magi - Traveling in London - London underground
London underground

Yaren Fricano - Traveling in London - Train station in London
My favourite man in the train station

Traveling in London - St James's Park - Buckingham Palace park
St. James's park

Chiara Magi - Yaren Fricano - Traveling in London - Big Ben
BIG BEN! We love our "traveling photo poses", that's how we're having fun all the time

Chiara Magi - Traveling in London - London Eye
London Eye

Chiara Magi - Traveling in London - Big Ben with sunset
Catching the sunset

Chiara Magi - Yaren Fricano - Traveling in London - Tower Bridge
Another one of our traveling photo poses! Tower Bridge in the background

Chiara Magi - Traveling in London - View from the Tate Modern
There was an amazing view from the top floor of the Tate Modern

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