Solo Travel Crew is a site for travelers who travel solo. I travel a lot and most of the time solo, that's why they asked me for an interview.

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What has been your favourite place on your travels and why?
My favourite place is definitely Sicily, it’s the biggest island of Italy. I love Sicily at first for the fantastic seaside and weather. The water is crystal clear and the sun is burning, all the nature is just wonderful! You can find everything, from mountains to the sea, from volcanos to the forests. There’s so much to do. Then the cities and old towns are very full of historical monuments and buildings. Whenever you go, you’ll always see history around you. In history Sicily was governed by different nations and like this the style and the culture is still a big mix of the whole world. And then also I like Sicilian people, always very warm, social and cheerful.

What is the one thing you must do there?
To enjoy the sea. Believe me, it’s a paradise!

What is the one thing to avoid? You need to know that in the summer (in July and August) it gets very hot and humid, so you need to be aware of that. Visiting Sicily in May or in Semptember could be a perfect idea, the summer lasts for 6 months!

What is the best unknown/underrated spot you’ve found? The best idea is to go always somewhere, where it seems that others don’t go. Sicily is still completely undiscovered. Which means, when in the old town, try to take those small and narrow streets, you’ll be surprised about what you can find. The same thing also for the sea, long public beaches are awesome, but try instead nature reserves, always with amazingly clear blue water.

And finally, what is the one thing you couldn’t live without on your travels and why? I couldn’t live without my cameras, I love to remember and think about my travels when looking pictures and videos. And when traveling alone, good music is always the best company.

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