I will travel around Sicily on foot and film every second of it!

My big trip starts from Agrigento. I'll start moving towards Palermo from the West coast and in the first 15 days I will be walking around 337 kilometres.

    Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - going around Sicily only on foot Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - going around Sicily only on foot

    My walking route for the first 15 days

From Palermo I will continue walking towards Messina. Almost always close to the coast, in the next 15 days I will walk about 329 kilometres and I will arrive to Giarre, which on the East coast.

    Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - going around Sicily only on foot Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - going around Sicily only on foot

    Days 16-30

From Giarre I will continue walking for another 20 days until I will arrive "back" to Agrigento. I will go also up to Mount Etna and visit different small villages in the South Eastern part of Sicily. It will make about 409 kilometres.

    Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - going around Sicily only on foot Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - going around Sicily only on foot

    Days 31-50

It total it will walk about 1076 kilometres in 50 days.

As I don't have any time limits I will just take it easy, if I find places that I like then I will also stay for longer and like this my trip will last longer as well.

On my way I will be visiting also several national reserves, Sicily is full of amazing nature.

Will you travel on your own?
That's one of the main questions people have asked me while talking about this project. Yes, I will travel on my own. I've been dreaming already for a long time to make this kind of trip, it won't be the first time for me. Of course it's wonderful to travel together if you have the right company and actually the thing that I really missed last time when I was going around on my own was the fact to share the emotions, it'll seem a stupid thing, but there's a big difference when you travel for weeks, see the most beautiful places in the world, and you can't share your joy and happiness. The good side of traveling on your own is the fact that you can really do whatever and whenever and how YOU want to do. This is the REAL freedom.

(Maybe for some day some of my friends will come to travel together with me.)

Where will you sleep?
I'm going to bring my sleeping bag and a hammock, where I can stay even if the ground is not so warm. But as the winter is arriving, I hope not to make too many nights outside. I'm planning to find people on CouchSurfing, who could host me for some nights, it will be also a nice way to meet local people and to get to know the places from another point of view. Then when if the weather is bad for staying outside, I will try to find B&Bs or even it could be very inexpensive through Airbnb.

What will you eat?
The perfection for me could be to sleep and eat always outside while hiking. So I will always bring some food with me that I can easy carry on. And if there's need I could also make fire to warm up my food. But as the Sicilian cuisine is one of the best ones in the world then I definitely want to try all the typical things. I will try to ask suggestions from local people to find the best places for eating.

Isn't it dangerous to travel like this?
I think no. I mean, it could be dangerous everywhere, sometimes even more in the cities than in the middle of the nature. Of course I need to be careful and one of my main rules will be not to walk when it's dark outside. Unfortunately in this period (November-December-January) days are quite short, which means that around 5pm it will be already dark outside. For this reason I'm planning to start walking early, around 7am when the sun comes up and like this for dark I will be already arrived to the destination.

How will you physically do it?
At first, I just love walking. I walk everywhere, if I have enough time then I never take the car or buses, about 15 kilometres in a day is very easy for me. I've been hiking in the mountains and traveling a lot, but this will be the first time to go for a long-distance hiking. I'll just try, do my best, even more that physically I need to be ready mentally, a lot of willpower, and that's it!

I can't wait to start my trip! I need to make the last preparations and then I goooooo!

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