Before starting my big trip around Sicily, I had a one day trip up to Mount Pellegrino in Palermo. I went up from the Arenella part and came down from Mondello, in total I walked 20 kilometres.

Mount Pellegrino is a 609 metres high hill in the northern part of the city. On the top of the hill there are different panoramic view points, you can see all the seaside and even the Mondello beach, which is the most beautiful part in my opinion. From the another side of the hill you will see the whole city of Palermo.

Before the panoramic views there is also the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, who is the parton saint of Palermo. A place where people believe she lived and prayed, later on July 15th in 1624 her bones were found there.

How to arrive to Mount Pellegrino:
- on foot, about 16 km, starting from Arenella and ending in Mondello (all the panoramic view points included).
- by bike, about 16 km, there are different mountain bike rails.
- by bus, number 812 starting from the Politeama Square and goes up the hill to the sanctuary. For the nearest panoramic view point you need to walk about 2 km.

Mount Pellegrino is definitely the best place in Palermo for the panoramic views. Even Goethe described Monte Pellegrino as the most beautiful promontory in the world.

Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - a tree on top of Monte Pellegrino
Mount Pellegrino

Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - an amazing view from the top of Monte Pellegrino to Mondello
Mondello beach

Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - A view over Palermo city from the Mount Pellegrino
Panoramic view over Palermo

Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - Addaura with evening lights

Chiara Magi - Sicilian Vibes - Mondello beach with evening lights
Mondello beach by night

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